About AppCity

from our founder
November 2016


The mission of AppCity is to provide an open curriculum and a place where anyone, regardless of they are or what their financial status is, can learn to code/program. I truly believe that learning to program is a skill that everyone should be able to learn.


The idea started in 2011, when I was in 5th grade and developing iOS apps. Fellow students asked me how they could make apps also. I saw there was a need for a club where kids could help other kids learn how to code/program, so I asked a teacher to sponsor my App Club, which began in 6th grade.

During that time, I gave a TEDx talk about the need for kids to help kids how to program.

The club became well-known and the PTA, Education Foundation and school principal met with my parents and me to discuss needs moving forward. The plan was presented to the school district superintendent who had concerns about total implementation of the App Club. One of the PTA parents, who is also a local philanthropist and entrepreneur, offered to host the App Club at his company's offices. He provided a conference room, computer equipment, and other resources including his own programmers to assist me with updating my App Club curriculum. The "App Club" became AppCity, a not-for-profit programming course.

During the first class at the entrepreneur's facility, a Senior Research Scientist from RAND Corporation offered to assist with updating the curriculum. He also invited two RAND Ph.D Candidates to assist with the course. We developed over 800 presentation slides and a new curriculum that teaches in a way in which kids currently learn. In the fall of 2014, I transferred AppCity to a non-profit educational organization, STAR Education. I worked with STAR educators, including the Head of Tech and Games, to make the curriculum fit into the school environment.

The main purpose of AppCity is to help students learn how to code/program. However, AppCity is also dedicated to introducing students to other technologies, including 3D Printing, Arduino, and more.

Upcoming Plans

We are currently developing the next generation of AppCity, AppCity|Hub, a unique online learning and code collaboration platform. Please stay updated as we progress. We are excited to share more in the new year!

Looking forward!
Thomas Suarez
Founder, AppCity